• Who we are...

    Executive Board:

    Irani Adreati, President and Founder

    Gene Coppa, MD, Director

    Jeff Malki, Director

    Eileen O'Driscoll, Administrator & Program Director


    Founded in 2002, CAOBA is based in Hackensack, NJ with many program throughout the world.

    MISSION: CAOBA supports intellectual, moral and physical development in communities of all ages, races and physical conditions using the tools of the Brazilian Art form of CAPOEIRA.

    VISION: To provide all members of the community with access to these highly regarded programs that inspire and promote growth, empowerment and constant learning.

    Respect, Teamwork, Dedication, Integrity, Discipline, Growth


    President and Founder

    Mr. Irani Andreati founded the Cultural Association of Brazilian Arts (CAOBA) with a single goal in mind; the development and strengthening of today’s disadvantaged youth. A native of Brazil, Mr. Andreati watched as innumerable children and teens, including many of his own peers, were ravaged by negative influences of society such as drug use, alcoholism, violence, and the eventual road to crime and prison.

    He was also privileged to witness numerous childhood friends and neighborhood youth overcome their own vulnerability and weakness to these negative influences. The key to this immunity was the intense training in the Brazilian martial art form, Capoeira. Other factors include the deep, rich culture that makes Brazil what it is today, and the strong family, which Mr Andreati was born into.


    Capoeira, described by many as the Brazilian art of both fight and dance develops the physical and mental discipline and confidence leading to the needed moral strength to overcome incessant negative temptations. Mr. Andreati took full advantage of this Brazilian art form and was given the title of Capoeira Master, in Salvador, Bahia, in 2006.


    Mr. Andreati is also a soccer player and has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education with experience as physical educator and youth soccer coach.


    So many children and teenagers have had their lives changed because of their participation in CAOBA's programs for the past 15 years, and their attainment of the needed discipline and self-respect continues to be the driving mission behind our president’s endeavors.