• Paramus Community Program


    Youth Classes - 10 Sessions starting March 24th through June 2nd

    Teen and Adult Classess - 10 Sessions starting March 24th through June 2nd


    Beginners - All levels accepted. Dress comfortably.


    Click on the link to register. For assistance, call Paramus Community School directly @ 201.261.7800 ext 3038


    Capoeira is a 400+ year old Brazilian art form, which combines dance, acrobatics, self-defense, percussion, musical instruments, singing, history, and physical fitness. Students will sing and sweat tier way to new levels of inner discipline, focus and concentration. Each class is age appropriate and the benefits vary according to age which builds and increases self-confidence. Students learn their own limits and through the process of learning, they learn to respect their own body and mind and in turn learn to respect others. Students grow through this program and overcome the many negative influences today and focus on their limits to seeing the possibilities of what they can become. Comfortable clothing required.